Johnsons Ear Drops or Cleanser for Cats and Dogs Kill Ear Mites Wax Softener


Ear Drops
These drops soften wax, sooth irritation, aid healing and also kill ear mites.
Johnson's Ear Drops are suitable for both cats and dogs and are great for killing mites and erradicating wax.
Containing pyrethrum which has natural insecticidal properties and repels nasty bugs, the drops also soothe irritation and assist the healing process.
Suitable for dog, cats, puppies and kittens over 12 weeks. 15 ml. 


As with any medicated product it is important that you familiarise yourself with all the information
supplied by the manufacturer on the packaging before administering.


Ear Cleanser
Johnson’s Ear Cleanser has a gentle, antibacterial formula which is effective in helping prevent the build-up of excessive wax and other debris along the ear canal, which can lead to ear problems.
Gentle, non-irritant formula of Johnson’s Ear Cleanser softens the wax and allows for easy removal and helps keep ears clean and healthy.
18 ml.

Johnsons Ear Drops or Cleanser for Cats and Dogs

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