Geepas Rechargeable Fan can be your perfect companion during the hot season. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor. It is a small but powerful fan that can be easily carried.  3 Adjustable speeds , giving you choice to Meet your cool needs with low, middle and high level speed. Adjust appropriate fan speed by pressing the speed buttons given on the front panel repeatedly. 

Low Speed - 20 Hours Working Time,

Medium Speed - 5.5 Hours Working Time,

High Speed - 3.5 Hours Working Time.

It has a  bright 0.5 W LED Lights on one side for illumination for use in the night or when you are camping in the summer or for any emergencies & gives a beautiful decoration light. The strong LED light works for 20 Hours and weak light for 50 Hours.

The fan runs on extremely low sound and can be used even in a quiet environment. It can be used when you are studying, sleeping and doing other such activities that require silence. And it gives multiple power supply options: You can use the regular USB cable to power up the fan. Also, a cellphone adapter can be used to charge the battery of the fan. 

You can charge the fan the way you charge your smartphone and USB charging cable, works with and could be recharged by USB charger, laptop, power bank and other USB-enabled devices. Or just use the battery power supply. 

Geepas 12’’ Rechargeable Box Fan Red

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